iman newsome

iman newsome
indigo birth maven
[dona] Birth DOula
[stillbirthday] Student BEREAVEMENT doula
[dti] student childbirth educator
[fstm] student midwife


soul work

birth is an unforgettable journey that deserves love, compassion, caring, and undivided attention. as a birth doula i have had the honor of serving 27 mothers in birth over the course of the last 2 years.

just as one would use a guide to travel through the unknown territory of the mountains or unknown land. one can utilize a birth doula to serve as a BIRTH guide.  NAVIGATING mothers and their partners though the PRIMAL, raw and UNFAMILIAR TERRITORY of birth.

as an empath, indigo soul, yogi, and daughter of the divine. i provide my mamas and their partners with compassion, love, and in the moment care. i mother the mother if you will, with a feminine perspective of undivided love and attention.

as a whole, I provide physical, emotional, spiritual, and educational support during the course of each individual mother's birth journey. guiding them as far as they wish to go during this process.

My goal is help mother's achieve a sense of rhythm in labor that works for them through sound therapy, movement, massage, labor position changes, and continuous presence. In addition to Giving space for the mother partner's personality and love to shine through.

My aim with each and every mother i come in contact with is to make the experience of birth and the transition into motherhood aligned with their desires as a woman and as a mother whether they deliver angel baby or earth side.


Client Reviews

Thank you for being the most amazing and supportive doula as we welcomed our baby. We couldn’t have had our birth wishes come true without you! We hope you continue to practice and that we have your support when it’s time for baby #2.
— Libbee
Thank you so much for all your patience and support during the birth of our son. We really appreciated your gentle and nurturing demeanor. You are an excellent doula and we hope to see you again around the neigborhood.
— Michelle
Iman was an incredible support in my medication - free birth, especially with counter pressure in my lower back. I wouldn’t have been able to have a natural birth without her support!
— Maddox
Iman was a wonderful help through my labor... the combination of her knowledge and emotional and physical help combined with my husband’s support is what got me through my difficult and long 27 hours of back labor with no medications. I would’ve never gotten through it and followed through with my wish for a natural birth without her strong and understanding support! We are fully doula believers now.
— Keelings
Having a doula to help navigate my birth/delivery process was invaluable! Especially since my birth plan changed rapidly. I am so appreciative of Iman’s support during my c-section! It made a complicated and painful process less stressful and difficult. Iman was so kind, supportive, and responsive.
— Gray-Akpa