About Me...

My mission is simple...
peace, love & birth


Birth is one of the most transformational experiences of a persons life...It calls to bring forth parts of you that you may not have even known existed. Calling you to reach the deep depths of your soul. During this sacred time, the importance of becoming one with the present moment is of uttermost important. 

I stand firmly in the belief that when you birth your baby in the way your heart, body, and soul desires. We uplift the vibration of all birthing humans both past, present and future. By healing and honoring the humans who have birthed before us. As well as acknowledging and giving hope to those who will birth after. We all contribute to the empowerment of the collective, raising the standards, upholding the values, and respecting the journey of every person who will enter into this sacred space. 


What birth means to me...

  • Birth is an art and you have the ability to create your own canvas.
  • Birth is a powerful and transformational experience.
  • Options should be given in birth.
  • Birthing through your intuitive soul's desires can allow individualization & ultimately shift how a person experiences their birth.
  • Digging deep within yourself with guidance, love, and support is valuable beyond measure. 
  • Childbirth education should be offered to every person!
  • Raising the vibration of babies born angel and earth side is vital for the collective consciousness.
  • The divine feminine and the sacred masculine can work in harmony during birth. 
  • Tapping into the higher self in birth can create transformational shifts. 
  • Love and freedom go hand and hand in birth. 
  • Under NO circumstances should any injustice happen while birthing. 
  • Racial disparities in labor need to be addressed when countless of people of color are dying during birth and the postpartum period. 
  • Collectively we can make a switch in the expansiveness of birth by returning within. 
  • Recognizing the power of trust in our bodies we can transform birth into a transformational experience. 
  • Tapping into the rich and deep knowledge of birth we will be able to return to the homes of our souls. 
  • Peace on earth starts with birth and by reclaiming this power we have the ability to change the world!
  • As society we gloss over the vital importance of bringing spiritual practices into the birthing space. For it is something that should add value and not be ignored. 
  • Miscarriages and stillbirths are births and should be treated with the same honor, love as earth side births. 
  • Partners are a huge contribution to birth and should be supported.
  • There should be no sub-par treatment in birth regardless of race, under no circumstances and if there is it SHOULD BE REPORTED!
  • Trusting your instinct when it comes to picking your birth space and provider is vital. Noticing red flags early and asking questions can be a huge difference in your birthing experience. 
  • Becoming an advocate for yourself and your baby is key!


If you feel called to work with me I would love to connect with you at hello@imannewsome.com.