Miscarriages and stillbirths for too many years have become a isolating, overshadowed, and swept under the rug experience. In which society tells you to grieve quickly and silently in a hush hush fashion. In which I am here to celebrate you, give a voice to you, and expand the love for the precious and dear angel babies born into the world. With that being said no one should have to go through this experience without love and support. It is my mission to support and comfort you during your transition. Holding you in a space of love, of being seen, of being heard, and listening to the wishes you choose to have for your birth. I also offer the option of private childbirth education sessions for parents. 

Services Include:
Unlimited access via text/call/Skype | (1) Prenatal visit (If Applicable) | Exploring body movement & positioning | Singing bowl healing sessions | Reiki Sessions | Unwavering hands on support, emotional & spiritual support during birth | Access and support after birth