As a Childbirth Educator, I truly believe in the impact and value of discussing birth before you hit the birthing space. So that we can have the opportunity to shift not only the actual events and trajectory of your birth. But we also have the ability to potentially change the way that you feel and perceive your birthing experience which can have lasting effects months to years after your actual birth.

If this sounds like you! I would love to connect with you so we can dive into: 

  • knowledge + content surrounding birth

  • movement + positioning + breath work

  • grounding and fear release

As a DTI certified childbirth educator...

I create safe, intimate, and inclusive settings so that we can dive deeply into the birth content!

With the aim that people can feel free, open, and true to themselves in an comfortable, conversation based discussion. Rather than the traditional lecture style classes offered for childbirth education. 

Giving us the opportunity to really let our hair down and get into the deeply rooted questions so that you can make decisions that ALIGN with your instinct and intuition.

By creating this conscious space of mindfullness, relexation, and grounding we can take the content and absorb it at a much deeper level.

I ask if you feel called to work with me in a one on one setting to come with an open heart, an open mind, and the ability to really explore your options.



Whether you are looking to have a private class in your home, your garden, a park, or even your own backyard. This class will bring you more information for your birth journey. I cover birth terms and phrases you might hear in the birth space. Policies, birth alternatives and options, and exploring your birth desires.


This class is suited for birthing people who are looking to have a small intimate group with other couples in an Air B&B. We have the room to go over birth positions and explore birth options in a home like setting.