Hello Beautiful birthing human Beings!

I am so honored that we have been called to each other! If we have crossed paths more than likely you are pregnant, maybe pregnant, or thinking about becoming pregnant. In which I say welcome and congratulations! Whether you are delivering angel or earth side. Whether this is your 1st baby or your 5th. I am honored to be apart of your journey!

In efforts of informally introducing myself before we meet face to face. My name is Iman Newsome and I am an oxytocin obsessed indigo soul serving as an Birth + Bereavement Doula and Childbirth Educator in Washington, DC. 

With that being said one of my biggest missions in my work is to recognize and honor birth as an human experience. Below is one of my favorite videos by one of my favorite humans. Maya Angelou. I wanted to share this video because it is also the leading force behind why I call every person that I work with birthing humans.

In a society that labels and places us into categories we have learned to look at each other with more differences than similarities. Thus having us feel the need to fit ourselves in different categories. Rather than being our true authentic selves.

When it comes to birth it is a time to take away the masks and unveil your true self
as you transition a being into existence. This alone requires surrender, patience, and most importantly love. It is from this place where I find it my sole aim and responsibility to guide you to feeling safe, loved and honored as a birthing human being as you transition through this journey of birth. 

Recognizing that we all deserve the right to feel loved and cared for in one of our most vulnerable and transitional moments of life. 



While your here feel free to get comfortable. Grab a cup of tea, through some slippers on if your at home, get cozy with a lit candle. Throw on some music. And dive into as much or as little of the next upcoming pages as you like. This site is a working site. Which means it continuously changes as I grow and develop as a birthkeeper and and as a human. So I would love for you to explore who I am and what I stand for as a person to see if we align for your journey.

In the effort of getting to know me I have placed testimonials through the website from past human beings who I had the honor of cocreating with for their births. I have posted videos and documentaries that I resonate with my beliefs, I have added my favorite music, and I have provided information about my services that I would love for you to explore to see what feels the best for you.

I have learned that the more that I am open about who I am and what I stand for, the more I can better serve the tribe of birthing humans who want the best open, soulful experience of their journey that they can possibly have. Establishing a level of trust so we can mesh and connect before we even have our first phone consultation. 

For me trust is everything. For with it you are able to establish a level of relaxation that is needed to be able to guide you through your birth experience. The last thing I want you to feel is that there is no bond, no ability to let your guard down in one of the most transformational experiences of your life.

Moreover, I believe that there are millions of human beings who have been called to create life so there are millions of birthing options and absolutely no birth is the same. Because no person is the same and we all come from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life. I truly believe there is no correct or right way to birth. For me birth is about transformation and empowerment. So in no shape or form can I tell you how to birth, where to birth, or judge your birthing desires. That is not my MO. The only person that has the power to determine what that freedom means to them is YOU! Not your provider, not your partner, not your family, not your friends, not even societies "expectations". YOU!

And I am here to navigate, motivate, and inspire you through your pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period with comfort, unwavering support, knowledge and intuition. 


Iman was a wonderful help through my labor... The combination of her knowledge and emotional and physical help combined with my husband’s support is what got me through my difficult and long 27 hours of back labor with no medications I would’ve never gotten through it and followed through with my wish for a natural birth without her strong and understanding support! We are fully doula believers now.
— Keelings
Iman was an incredible support in my medication - free birth, especially with counter pressure in my lower back. I wouldn’t have been able to have a natural birth without her support!
— Maddox
Having a doula to help navigate my birth/delivery process was invaluable! Especially since my birth plan changed rapidly. I am so appreciative of Iman’s support during my c-section! It made a complicated and painful process less stressful and difficult. Iman was so kind, supportive, and responsive.
— Gray-Akpa


I truly believe that everyone is meant to meet for a reason. i would love to connect with you to see how we vibe together for your birth journey! if you want to learn more about me. i would love to connect with YOU!

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